Press Release 22-0909-2

September 9, 2022


NEWS RELEASE #22-0909-2


Swearing in of Undersheriff Darrel Chapman in June 2011


JACKSON COUNTY, Kan. (JASO) – Sheriff Tim Morse reports that longtime Undersheriff Darrel Chapman has stepped down on Wednesday after having a distinguished career in Jackson County. Undersheriff Chapman has served as the Hoyt Chief of Police, a police officer with PBPN Police Department and served prior to becoming Undersheriff as a Sergeant with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Morse when selected to fulfill an open term as Sheriff in 2011, appointed Darrel Chapman to serve as Undersheriff.  Sheriff Morse says “Choosing Darrel to serve as my Undersheriff was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.  Undersheriff Chapman was one of the secrets of our success in reducing crime and building one of the most successful rural county police agencies in Kansas.” Sheriff Morse says further, “Darrel Chapman is one of the best skilled law enforcement officers I know, as well as one of the very bravest there is.”  “Darrel’s departure is a giant loss to Jackson County and he will be greatly missed. However, he has helped build a foundation that we will continue to build upon.  Darrel’s legacy in the people he trained and policies he helped implement will live on for years to come.” “Darrel who has been one of the longest serving Undersheriff’s in Jackson County history has much to be proud of.” Sheriff Morse says “Darrel has big shoes to fill and we wish him well with his new career endeavors.”  On Thursday Sheriff Morse received the KBI crime statistics for Jackson County for 2021.  Morse says “burglary statistics are in the single digits, which is the first time in decades and the lowest since I have worked in law enforcement. Undersheriff Darrel Chapman played a major part in making this happen.”