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History on the Office of Sheriff

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is under the leadership and direction of Sheriff Tim Morse.  Sheriff Tim Morse has served as the Sheriff of Jackson County since June 1, 2011.  Sheriff Morse was selected by the nominating committee and appointed sheriff by the Governor of Kansas.  In 2012, Sheriff Morse was elected Sheriff of Jackson County, Kansas.  During his tenure as sheriff, he has implemented a number of measures that have reduced over 2 million dollars worth of costs and earned over 3 million dollars in revenue, while improving services and reducing crime.  In 2011, Sheriff Morse implemented patrol zones, sub-stations for the purpose of reducing response times, deterring crime and apprehending criminals.  In the last several years Jackson County has benefited with crimes rates being half of what they were ten years ago. Sheriff Morse diligently worked with public safety officials in securing a grant to renovate the Jackson County Sheriff’s Emergency Communications Center. Sheriff Morse led in renovating the Jackson County Jail with a state of the art jail control system, updated security measures without using taxpayer monies. In 2016, Sheriff Morse was re-elected by receiving a super majority of the vote. In 2017, Sheriff Morse was appointed a board member for the Immigration and Border Security Committee of the National Sheriff’s Association.