Press Release 21-0408-1

APRIL 8, 2021


NEWS RELEASE #21-0408-1


Tow Truck Operator Injured During Accident

JACKSON COUNTY, Kan. (JASO)-Sheriff Tim Morse reports that a local tow truck driver has been transported to a Topeka hospital following an early morning accident on US Hwy 75. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a 2014 Dodge Challenger that hydroplaned and slid into the median near 118th Road on US Hwy 75. A Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to check on the vehicle and driver. An area tow truck arrived to pull the vehicle out of the median when a northbound van nearly struck the deputy’s patrol vehicle and drove into the median shortly after 6 am. The van passed between the tow truck and the Dodge Challenger striking the tow truck’s cable. The tow truck operator was injured when he was struck by the cable. The Kansas Highway Patrol have been requested to investigate the accident.